0 height alignment zone problem

I set alignment zones to 0 to prevent duplicate alignment zones but when I reopen the file the alignment zones seem to take the previous value, not 0.

I’m doing what we discussed here → Missing alignment zones from G2 -> G3 - #4 by GeorgSeifert

Which exact build of the app?

Sorry, I forgot to mentioned it.

I just found out that it only happens when the File Format Version is set to Glyphs 2, I guess because of compatibility issues, so changing it to Glyphs 3 solves that for me.

I can’t reproduce that. Can you send me your file?


If works fine for me. Can you set it up and save as in Glyphs 3 format and send it again?

I’ll send it to you, but when I save it in Glyphs 3 format I don’t have that problem. It happens also to any file that is in Glyphs 2 format.