1.2.21 Can't manually enter features

Just updated to 1.3.21 and I can’t manually enter features. Glyphs will let me create a new feature, but when I try to write the content after typing the first character (s) it won’t enter any more text and just dings.

Saw that and will fix that soon.

Fixed it.

Thanks Georg!

Check for updates isn’t finding it. Did you put it online Georg?

It will be out later today.

I just uploaded an update that should fix this.

It’s broken in 1.3.22 again.

Sorry for the delay getting back. It IS fixed in 1.3.23.

It’s broken again in 1.3.23 (500). The numbering is fixed, but once again, you can’t add feature definitions manually.

Existing feature definitions can be edited, but if you create a new feature and try adding the definition, Glyphs won’t accept any new text.

Georg, did you see my last note? Just wanted to be sure you understood that you CAN edit existing feature definitions, but you CANNOT enter new feature definitions.

I cannot reproduce this in 1.3.23 (500).
Did you make sure that there is at least one instance in File > Font Info > Instances?

With a font open, go to the features panel. Add a new feature, “salt”, for instance. Try and create the substitution table. I can type “s” but when I try and type the “ub” Glyphs dings and fails to add any characters after the “s”. It isn’t random…it happens every time I try to add a new feature.

I can add to existing features’ substitution tables, but I can not create a new one from scratch.

Can you try re-downloading the application, and reinstalling it?

I can reproduce it. But just click in the text view again will fix it.

Thanks Georg, I’ll give that a try. By text area, you mean where the feature substitution list is?


Yup. That works. Thanks.

This workaround is still needed. Is there a fix on the horizon?