1.3.20 Bug: Keep Alternates puts numbers in alphabetical order

If “Keep Alternates next to base glyphs” is checked numbers appear in alphabetical, rather than numeric, order in the font tab.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

I’m seeing this too. (It’s the alternates that aren’t properly filed next to the base glyphs.)

Can you select one glyph and Update Glyph Info for it? This will update the sorting.

That moves it, but not to the correct spot.

  1. Select three.
  2. Cmd-C to copy.
  3. Cmd-V to paste: /three.001 is created, but instead of appearing right after /three, it appears towards the end of all the figure glyphs.
  4. Select /three.001.
  5. Choose Update Glyph Info: /three.001 then jumps to the beginning of all the figures, rather than just after /three.