10px space on top

Hi there,

I have create a icon in the Glyphs app. If i look on my website i see there’s 10 px space on the top.
Is there an option to set this on zero? I can’t find this in the app.

Hope somebody can help me.

Did you see this: https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/vertical-metrics ?

thank you for the reaction on my topic. I tried different settings but the space on top is still 10px :frowning:

The black box is my testing icon, in the glyphs app i draw this from bottom to top (totally fill).
Where can i find the setting top = zero?

Can you post a screenshot of you drawing (from edit view) and one from the custom parameters where you set the vertical metrics?

Vertical metrics, not stems. That is ascender, descender, etc. there is a tutorial about vertical metrics.