2.5 (1131) crashes when opening/closing files

I’m using 2.5 (1131 [edited]) as I understood it’s the most recent stable version, but when I open and close files at times then it crashes. I saw a newer version is out that says it fixes several crashes, but I’d prefer not to update to a beta (cutting edge) version because I don’t like being forced to update every 30 days after that.

I prefer to stick with the recent stable version, but I don’t think I can with the crashes. Is the only solution to update to the newest betas?


I believe that Glyphs 2.5 (1131) is actually the latest stable version. If you check for updates for the Show cutting edge versions box unchecked, then 2.5 (1131) should show up. You can also download the latest stable version from: https://glyphsapp.com/buy under Glyphs 2 Trial.

Whoops, my apologies, you are right, 1131 is the latest stable… and actually that is what I’m using when having the crashes. Thanks much for your reply and link, though I guess the question still remains since that is the version I’m using?

I’m having the same issue. The newest version crashes when I try to close a window. It happens with multiple windows open and also if there is only one open. Im on Mac Sierra 10.12.6.

I have fixed that already. Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

Will try the cutting edge version, but is there any way to not have to update every 30 days after that (as it forces me to do so or won’t open)? My understanding is that with the stable version, you don’t have to update until you want to.

This cutting edge version doesn’t have the 30 day limit any more.

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Ah, that’s great… don’t get me wrong, i like that things are continually being improved and the diligence is appreciated, but it’s nice to have this option. Thanks!