2.5.2 some bugs

  1. After edit in edit view, Image at table view grid of glyphs doesn’t change until selected, so seems as if edits didn’t take effect. I’d rather have current quicker execution that lengthy refresh of glyph display in table view, but maybe there’s a way to get only the glyphs that have changed updated.
  2. Adding anchor leaves ghost text on screen edit window. This seems to be screen drawn text, not database text, and seems to go away after reopening. For now it works better to edit name of anchor in bar below rather than on screen.
  3. When going to edit view glyphs are not centered vertically on screen, but way off screen below.
  4. Clicking on window doesn’t exit entry window for metrics box. Return or ESC does exit, and seem to be only way to exit metrics entry box, rather than exiting by clicking on screen or doing something else like before. It is confusing since the rest of the program hangs until you hit return or ESC so not immediately clear why you can’t do anything else.
  5. When duplicating all number glyphs, table view sort order inserts copies in-between instead of at end or split properly after each sub-type. This seems to correct itself when the glyphs are made non-exporting.
  6. Also at numbers table view, copies of glyphs don’t appear properly in some sub-categories.
  7. Also at numbers table view, there is no sub-category for superior numbers or alternatively they should be included in some other sub-category.
  8. Also at number table view, the fraction glyph does not appear in fraction category.
  9. When selecting a component and entering a number in the scale entry box at bottom of edit view, first number entered sometimes works but after that it is not possible to enter any additional numbers in order to change the scale. This is significant for working with scale values.
  10. At least in one case, more than one “_anchor” of different names in a glyph at the same time as there are also “anchor” points, seems to disable anchor linking. It could be useful to allow multiple anchors of any kind.

Some of the issues (at least no. 3) have been reported in other threads already. Consider reporting bugs in threads with titles that make it easier to find them later. For instance, a separate thread ‘Number sidebar categories’ for issues 5 through 8 would have made more sense.

Also, please specify the build number, and operating system version. Are you using 1187? Mojave?

:thinking: Need more info:

I have seen this happen as well, but only sometimes, and cannot reliably reproduce.

Cannot reproduce in 1187. Can you describe precise steps?

Cannot reproduce in 1187. Did you verify that Font Info > Other Settings > Keep Alternates next to Base Glyph is off?

Which copies of which glyphs, and in which category are they supposed to appear? Some of the entries are mere lists.

Cannot reproduce in 1187. I type in horizontal scale, then press tab, then enter vertical scale as expected. How exactly are you doing it?

Cannot reproduce in 1187. Please describe precise steps.

:ok: Confirmed:

True, that is a bug.

:sunny: Fixed:

Thx for reporting! I added a sidebar category for Small Figures, and fixed the Fraction entry, but @GeorgSeifert needs to take another look at it. I believe .sinf figures are missing in GlyphData, so they currently will not be listed as Small Figures.

Fixed that in version 1189

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