2.5b: issue with preview window

When I type using the Text tool in preview window, the word won’t appear until I press space. I find this annoying since I won’t get to see the kerning change, for example, first I type Ta, then I change it into Tâ (in which â is not kerned), I won’t get to see the change and it’s harder to notice that I haven’t added â to kerning group a.

Please fix this if possible. Thank you!

I don’t understand. You cannot type in the Preview window. You can type in an Edit tab. Can you make a screenshot of what you mean?

Please see the images, yes, I mean in the edit tab, sorry for the trouble.

What keyboard layout do you use?

I use Vietnamese Telex:

Can you try the Englisch keyboard?

I have no issue with the English keyboard. Maybe something is wrong with the Vietnamese keyboard, but I’ve been using it in 2.4 and everything is fine though.

The Vietnamese keyboard í doing some funny things. I have a look.