2.5b new issues

I thought it’s efficient to have one place on this topic, as there seems to be a number of new issues.

One I found is that the numeric metric key (like =50) doesn’t get used, though the input is saved.

Yes, saw that too. Bugreport already filed.

Sometimes this glitches. When you type a new width or height for an outline, it doesn’t size from the activated corner. Like in the picture I selected the the left middle dot, but the sizing was from the center.

I’m experimenting this issue too in aleatory way.

I have fixed that already.

I noticed that the auto-aligned components now have position info box in grey, but some types of disabled components also have grey x/y values, even though it can be moved with a mouse.

It’s great that manual TT Hinting in Glyphs is quite advanced and handy to do now. I also like very much that it shows the intersection points of open corners, and that you can place the hints directly there. However, it seems that it doesn’t work when a stem hint ends, and I try to connect a interpolation hint there. See screenshot. Am I doing something wrong?

I think the one is horizontal and the other vertical. But the two touched points should be touched with hints of the same orientation. Otherwise it cannot determine how to interpolate.

Both have the same orientation. It works when I use a point of the open corner. In some cases the virtual points also work, and sometimes not. Especially when there is a stem hint, they don’t seem to work.

Fixed it

I already sent the file to Georg, but I post it here as well. In 2.5 or maybe earlier, the interpolation math changed. I have a family with two axis, 3 x 4 master positioning (12 masters). From 2.5b, the medium masters are being ignored in certain places, giving very different results.

I’m on it.

Macro window seems broken:

I’m not able to open .OTF or .TTF files with the latest 2.5 (1071) build.

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The opening of OTF is fixed in version 1072 (that went live a moment ago.

What is wrong with the macro window?

Glyphs ordering in glyph window is not very smart now. i.sc is in a separate place from the rest (I’m using Tim Ahrens’ GlyphsData ordering BTW), and duplicated glyphs get ordered depending on when they are created, or maybe what you have done to them.

I hear a report that Adobe-Identity-0 fonts are not being exported correctly. From what I was told, the cmap path used in generateFont.command seems NOT to be the custom cmap in the Temp folder.

what is the “Keep Alternates…” setting? What is in Tims GlyphData file for the sortNames of the i.sc?

The cmap is written directly, not from the cmap resource in the temp folder (at least it should). You can double encode glyphs directly so the cmap recourse is not needed any more.

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Keep Alternates option doesn’t affect it, and Tim’s GlyphsData does not have small caps.