2.5b new issues


Can you send me the .glyphs and the xml file. The i.sc works fine for me.




The macro window output shows what was wrong; a simple script that should work does run


@davelab6 so is all fine?


Did you mean: ‘doesn’t’?


I think I reported this before, but I want more improvements in Color Palette dialog:

  • Palette 6 and following are all linked to 0 (the colour change affects the other), so I cannot have more than 6 palettes. I want more palettes in my current project.
  • If you remove a palette, it gives you warning dialog which seems unnecessary, because:
  • Cancel button does not cancel anything, and saves the change anyway. If it actually cancels, then the removal warning is probably not necessary.
  • Also palettes can be reordered by dragging, but that’s not saved.


I posted it in an individual post too.

There is an issue with the kerning panel. The “is left side” selection does not filter properly and it displays empty lists. Check it out please.


Did you mean: ‘doesn’t’?

Sorry, yes - but its now fixed in the latest cutting edge version :slight_smile:


2.5b prompts for a downgrade.


The master Custom Parameters “ascender” and “descender” are both there twice.


If you have ‘Show cutting edge versions’ on, it should give you a 2.5 update. It only looks at the build number, not at the version string.


Multiple encodings in a glyph is a great feature!

How is this going to affect ‘Reencode Glyphs’ custom parameter?


It seems that ‘Reencode Glyphs’ doesn’t accept more than one codepoint per glyph :frowning:


I’m just going through the forum to see what I have missed over the last month.
The Reencode Glyphs parameter were the handbook states it has to be a comma separated list. If you use the UI to set it up, everything is fine but if you set it from code, it might not (or if you have an old file). I changed it to be a regular list like all the other parameter and now the new syntax is like this:



1086 bug: if you type liga feature and type words like flash, you get ashfl. This remains the same when you disable the feature. Glyph has not been accurate with ligatures and cursor position, but the 1086 seems to have made it worse.


This should be fixed now.


Yes, fixed! Thanks!


Anyone else having Script menu ordering problems again? Or is it just me?


The System API that I used to parse the Script folder changed in High Sierra and doesn’t return the files in alphabetical order. That is most likely connected to the new file system. I fixed it (by sorting myself).


Whoops meant to edit not delete above. But yes @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue I believe “Re-Interpolate” is not working on brace layers in 1093 – even though the masters are fully compatible