2.5b new issues


A couple of issues with Projects:

  • The new window displays only the Weight value and there is no Width and Custom value boxes.
  • Old project files display empty values in Weight. (Still, they export correctly)
  • The issue with style linking seems to persist. The value added in the “of” field is carried across all instances.
  • (1095) keeps crashing when closing a project file.


I was working on an Arabic project and added uniFCF3 in the font. The components were not properly made and showed “Bad reference” mark, which was fine. What was not fine was that, as long as that mark was present in the glyph, the width was increasing incredibly fast, like 1,000,000 units per second.


Toshe, can you send me that file?


I’m getting crashes with Version 2.5b (1095)
When creating Project file


More issues with the same Glyphs version (on High Sierra)
1. Decomposing glyphs that are compatible on both masters become incompatible (Nested components in particular) !!
2.Not all anchors positions are preserved after decomposing Glyphs

Are there any who have the same bugs?


Can you send me a file that shows theses problems?



  1. ”Find and Replace” doesn’t work in 2.5.
    (edit: I see it fixed with the new update)
  2. The plugin from Mekkablue ”DeleteShortSegments” isn‘t visible in filters.


this is fixed in version 1111 from earlier today.


Glyphs is crashing every time i close a file. This happens with any glyphs file i open and then close.
I’m on Maverick 10.10.5


The crashing on closing a file was discussed in several threads already. It is caused by an outdated plugin. Please update by opening the Plugin Manager or manually re-download them when you installed them manually.


Thanks Georg


There seems to be a new issue with v2.5b (1114). When placing a component, the names of each glyph are no longer displayed adjacent to the glyph drawing.

Also, occasionally I am finding that the keyboard shortcut for zoom in and zoom out (command + spacebar (+ option) and mouse click) tends to freeze on multiple mouse clicks. Resetting the view with command + zero fixes it for a while. It’s only a minor annoyance, but this has been happening for me since v2.5b (1113).


I had the same freezing zoom tool recently. I thought it’s my faulty plugin development :smiley: version 1111, didn’t test the latest betas yet.


Fixed the select glyph dialog.


And I couldn’t reproduce he zooming problems, yet.


A small bug I noticed:
After I close all files, the kerning window still shows pairs although no file is open.


When you rename a glyph by typing a unicode character, name duplication is not checked. For example, if I already have odieresis and want to rename some other glyph to the same but by typing ö directly, I end up having both as odieresis.


I’ve been trying to isolate the cause of my zoom problem, previously reported to Support – it stops enlarging at 500 point or sometimes 2000 point in my case – I but haven’t found a particular plugin that might be causing it. It does not seem to be tied to any editing action.


After using Update Glyph Info, I have two Unicode values.
It happens also after renaming with a script and setting the Unicode to the glyph.


It will automatically add the unicode of the lowercase if those are not in the font. You might like to rename the Omega to Ohm if you don’t have a full coverage of Greek.