2 bugs, Disable Masters and onum feature

  • the Disable Masters costume parameter is not working
  • in the preview, when we activate the onum feature and type numbers, the order is scrambled, they don’t apear in the order in which I’m typing.

Can you post the onum feature code and a screenshot of the scrambled digits, for example when typing “0123456789”?

The feature code was just the automatic code.
There are some specific conditions for it to happen.

  1. on the glyphs panel select the default numerals and the old style numerals sets
  2. double click to open a tab with those numerals
  3. enable the onum feature
  4. place the cursor in any position and type new numerals. They will appear in other places, not where you placed the cursor.

I also noticed the numbers being scrambled when using features in text mode a week ago. Can’t recall whether this also happened with other glyph categories. Started with 3200, I’m pretty sure.

Where and how did you add them?

What version do you have?

I had the parameter to the instances.

Version 3.2 (3201)

Can you send me the .glyphs file?