2 little bugs I found out in the 1.3.7 version

I recently updated glyphs through app store, at the moment I saw 2 little bugs:

1 - when I select more than one glyph and double click in order to open the metrics tab it only opens the glyph I double clicked in.

2 - While doing “undo” (cmd+z) the changes only take effect when i lift both fingers (cmd and z). Its much faster to drop only the “z” key for fast “undo” / “redo” to see If i like the changes I’ve made or not.

I fixed both.


One thing that happens sometimes is when I do cmd+alt+f to bring the strings window, as soon as I hit ok or cancel I can’t edit the outlines or click anything. In the end I have to restart Glyphs in order to work again…