3.2: Font.export issue - plain or PLAIN?

When exporting via, e.g. Font.export(FontPath="~/Documents/", Format=VARIABLE, Containers=["PLAIN"], AutoHint=False)

I get this error:

KeyError: "The container format is not supported: PLAIN (only 'WOFF' 'WOFF2' 'plain' and 'EOT')"

Changing PLAIN to plain works, but the docs state it should be PLAIN (Glyphs.app Python Scripting API Documentation β€” Glyphs.app Python Scripting API 3.0.4 documentation)

Those uppercase items are constants that don’t need quotes. And this is how the docu is explaining it:

… Containers=[PLAIN, WOFF2]
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Aha. So my script should have never worked in the first place :slight_smile:
Thanks Georg