3 different styles + 1 with only Capital letters

Hi, I am designing a font with 3 different styles (light, regular and bold) with lowercase and Uppercase and a forth style which consists only in Capitals. When I delete the lowercase on the capital style it affects the 3 other styles.
Do you know how can I copy and paste the Uppercase into the lowercase on my capitals style without changing the other 3 styles?

Just make the all-caps style a different working file.

I will try that.
Thank you for the fast reply!

You could use some custom parameters to do that. You have a duplicate set of uppercase in your font and set it to not export. Then, in the instance for the AllCap version, add a ‘Rename Glyphs’ parameter like this: “A.copy=a B.copy=b …”.

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I considered suggesting this. But it seems awfully messy to configure all that for a single display weight.

Thanks GeorgSeifert for the alternative idea. It sounds more complex than DunwichTypeFounders but I will have a look.

Keeping all in one file keeps everything in sync. I don’t see why duplicating some letter should be more messy than a copy of the whole file.