3067 can't export variable font with cubic curves

I just upgraded to 3067 to check the cursive attachment issue, but now my font is no longer exporting at all. Any glyph with curves gets “Can’t convert to compatible TrueType curves.
Glyph “alef-ar” is not compatible.” If I turn alef into a rectangle it exports, and if I manually convert the paths to quadratic, it also exports. Did you accidentally turn off the cubic-to-quadratic filter? :slight_smile:

Can you send me that file?

I have the same problem with this version.

Fixed it.

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Same issue here.

I’m still setting this in 3072. It seems to be happening when paths would convert to quadratic with an implied oncurve point in some masters but not in others.

Can you send me that file? The conversion is does for all masters at once with the biggest number of points required by one of the segments.

Fixed it. Thanks