3084 crashes when opening app preferences - G3 CE M1

Per title, happens whether or not files are open.

Can you please send some crash reports (the ones that come up when you reopen the app).

same here. just sent a crash report. in the afternoon about four within 2 minutes.

Sent some as well between yesterday and today.

I was looking into this for some time but I finally found the problem.

when do you think the update will be online?

It already is as a cutting edge version. You can activate it in Preferences > Updates.

Same here — just updated, but it still crashes when you go to the preferences. Sent a report

I can’t open the preferences…
I thought 3084 is a cutting edge version.

Can you send a link to the latest Cutting Edge version?

Of cause: https://updates.glyphsapp.com/Glyphs3.0.3-3084.zip

I probably was not clear, the bug was happening and still is in 3084.

yes, I have also 3084. It crashes.

Of cause. I fixed it just after releasing 3084.

and when will 3085 be available? Or the version with the fix?
There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings in this thread…