32-style file hangs on export to OTF or TTF

I have a 12-master, 32-style 2-axis .glyphs file that hangs when I try to export it to OTF or TTF.

When I try to export to OTF, 30 of the styles export successfully; 2 don’t. After exporting the last file, the app hangs but does not crash. One of the problem styles can be generated as an instance, and I can export successfully from that instance. The other will not generate as an instance. Deleting those two instances does not seem to fix the problem: the same 30 fonts export successfully, but Glyphs still hangs at the end.

When I try to export to TTF, 14 styles export successfully, one doesn’t, and the app hangs before exporting the other 17.

I’m running v2.6.5 on OS 10.15.6. No other .glyphs files have given me any trouble.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This slipped though. Thanks for the reminder. Can you send me the file?

it works for me in the latest stable and cutting edge version.