[3214] Can't export VF anymore

VF export fails with this message:

Problem generating Feature Variations
In glyph: j.cv03: -[NSTaggedPointerString objCType]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xac9f73c16991f5e0

The error appears with this file: https://github.com/jenskutilek/sudo-font/tree/master/src/Sudo.glyphspackage – it used to work in build 3208, haven’t tried with builds 3209–3213.

Can you try simply re-typing the axis coordinates in your j.cv03? This bug appeared in 3212 or so. Re-typing the coordinates “fixed” it for me.

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That fixed it indeed! Thank you :slight_smile:

In the Glyphs file, this edit changed the number format from string to int:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-28 um 16.05.46

I fixed it. Thanks for the file.