6 cycle contextual alternatives

Is anyone smart enough to write the sequence for a 6 cycle contextual alternative, so A, A.sso1, A.ss02, A.ss03 A.ss04 A.ss05 (because i’m not), got the below working from the example in the tutorials but can’t quiet work out how to expand :confused:

# consonant-consonant
sub @Con0 @Con0' by @Con1;
sub @Con1 @Con0' by @Con2;

# consonant-other-consonant
sub @Con0 [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] @Con0' by @Con1;
sub @Con1 [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] @Con0' by @Con2;

# consonant-other-other-consonant
sub @Con0 [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] @Con0' by @Con1;
sub @Con1 [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] [@Voc0 @Voc1 @Voc2 @Etc] @Con0' by @Con2;

# vowel-vowel
sub @Voc0 @Voc0' by @Voc1;
sub @Voc1 @Voc0' by @Voc2;

# vowel-other-vowel
sub @Voc0 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc1;
sub @Voc1 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc2;

# vowel-other-other-vowel
sub @Voc0 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc1;
sub @Voc1 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc2;

# vowel-other-other-other-vowel
sub @Voc0 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc1;
sub @Voc1 [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] [@Con0 @Con1 @Con2 @Etc] @Voc0' by @Voc2;

The sample code you picked is a pretty complex stuff. For your purpose, I think you need to expand this (from the same tutorial) :

sub A A' by A.ss01;
sub A.ss01 A' by A.ss02;

And keep going like this.

sub @default @default' by @ss01;
sub @ss01 @default' by @ss02;
sub @ss02 @default' by @ss03;
sub @ss03 @default' by @ss04;
sub @ss04 @default' by @ss05;

Yeah, that could work for sure, but would still be nice to have them appear more random splitting them into VOC and CON classes. I will try that out in the meantime.