[797] GlyphOrderAndAliasDB is incorrect

ROS: Adobe-Identity-0

In a font file, the CIDs of the glyphs does not fit The CIDs of the feature table.
The cause is GlyphOrderAndAliasDB file.

[768] is normal, but [797] is incorrect.

Monokano told me elsewhere that the CID mismatches by 2 because of the wrong start.

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I fixed it. This is for a ROS-0 font? Then you should write your features with glyph names instead of cid entries. That way, the feature is easier to read and it is easier to change glyph set and ordering.

Yes, ROS of the font is Adobe-Identity-0.
I always write a Nce Name and push the Update button. It is user-friendly.
I confirmed that it was fixed in [799]. Thank you!