[806] Error at udate features of Adobe-Identity-0

  1. [File > New]
  2. Add Custom Parameter “ROS: Adobe-Identity-0”
  3. Add glyph “A.full”
  4. Click [Font Info… > Features > Update button]

“MakeOTF error” is displayed. “cid00000” is “.notdef” and not “A”.

Is this going to be fixed?
2.2b (816) is not fixed.

I know that this is avoided if I add “.notdef” and write “.notdef” at the top of glyphOrder.

As for this cause, “.notdef” is not written at the top in “GlyphOrderAndAliasDB” which is generated when a button was pushed. This has nothing to do with AI0. A problem appears as an error in AI0. I wish “.notdef” is always written at the top in “GlyphOrderAndAliasDB”.


  1. Add .notdef
  2. File > Font Info > Font: add a glyphOrder parameter that contains only .notdef
  3. File > Font Info > Font > Update

Thank you. I know it.

Fixed it.

Thank you very much!!