873 build constantly crashed on export to otf

Export to ttf works fine. Tried to delete all functions - still crashes.
The same file exports from the 870 build with no problems.
Files with Basic latin character set export with no problem.

I noticed something similar – Glyphs 873 crashing on export for a file that exported fone with Glyphs 872. After a lot of testing and narrowing it down, it turned out that having manually hinted base glyphs that are used in composites triggers the crash. Removing the manual hints from the base glyphs makes Glyphs export the font without problems.

873 Still crashes my font with weightY and brace tricks on export to OTF.

I guess this issue may be related to this one No component export on build 873

Fixed that.

Thank you!

874 now exports my files just fine. Yay!