875 crashes, no report available

This morning I’m getting many lockups related to opening tabs or moving through the font with shift+home/end. The beachball icon appears, Glyphs freezes, and I have to force quit. No crash report comes up after restarting, although there are sometimes two copies of a file open after a restart. I’ll report back more if I figure it out.

Nothing in the Console?

Nothing comes up in the console. I did some more testing and it’s a very specific bug:

  • Create a filter that has Count of Paths = greater than 0 and Has Hints = Yes
  • Select the filter in the font tab
  • Open a glyph that contains outlines and a component
  • In an edit tab, change to TT hinting mode
  • Use shift + end to go to the next glyph
  • Glyphs will freeze. Sometimes it freezes immediately, sometimes it takes a few seconds and I can tab through a few more glyphs before it freezes.