A couple of non-typesetting / glyph-generic features would be nice

I appreciate the art of typography and some day would like to play with designing fonts, but I got this app over Fontlabs stuff because it was mac specific and I was enticed by the name ‘Glyphs’ thinking it saw things as generic glyphs predominately. And I really love the glyph editor and look and feel.

It would be would be very useful to symbol and art designers in general, who want to create freer form glyphs to have user-customizable headings (like “Other” and “Symbols” headings on the font tab) and the ability to re-order glyphs by dragging them around so that one can cluster and arrange their glyphs according to their needs, not trying to be like a standard font, or using standard UNICODE mappings.

Several of the features are implemented already. But not as user friendly as I would like it. So we are working on that.

  1. You can assign any name, category and subcategory when you select the glyph (in font view or edit view) and press Cmd+Option+i. Just leave the unicode field empty.
  2. Use “Icon” as category will switch the glyph to Icon mode in edit view.
  3. reorder by dragging is not supported but you can use the “sort name” in the info dialog to adjust it sorting. I usually use something like “a010”, “a020” … (add some gaps if you need to put some glyphs between them).
  4. There is the “Glyph as image” filter. I know it is not very user friendly. I build it for my own workflow. Almost all icons in Glyphs are done with it (including the app icon).
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