A detailed tutorial on Arabic font making with Glyphs


Please suggest detailed tutorials (free/paid) on Arabic font making with Glyphs.
The tutorials should outline the process of making a complete font from start to finish.
Video tutorials in English are preferred.

I have read almost all the tutorial that are currently available under Tutorials section, and watched many videos on Vimeo and Youtube.

I have 10 years experience with FontLab and MS VOLT and over 16 years experience with CorelDRAW and Illustrator and PhotoShop.


An updated tutorial is in the works. I don’t think it makes sense to cover a complete font production in a tutorial. That would be the task of a school course or workshop.

Thanks for replying.

Waiting for the updated tutorials.

Would really love to get involved in any course or workshop that focuses on Arabic font development in Glyphs.


We are doing Arabic workshop. There was one in Beirut and Cairo this year. Maybe there will be one in Dubai next year, again.

But there are several tutorials that can help you for Arabic design (Mark positioning, components, cursive attachment). But also general topics like Draw good path and corner components.