A general script folder question

This is just a little idea, no priority at all, perhaps it’s even not worth the effort, in this case nevermind. However, I was thinking about the App itself taking notice of a given »Scripts« folder next to the *.glyphs file. Basically it is about having scripts at hand that are particularly made for a certain project/font and not cluttering the script menu. I thought about a kind of similar behavior as the indesign fonts folder offers to fonts. For instance, if there is a scripts folder next to the glyphs file, Glyphsapp presents the containing scripts at top level of the scripts meny. Sure it might be very niche-ish and of to little use for the broad bunch of users, but I just wanted to throw it in the room. Otherwise, I can still perfectly work with how it is setup to date :slight_smile:

For that purpose, I have a sub folder called private scripts. It contains aliases to the scripts and script folders inside the project folders.

This might work. But it will still charge over the time with all these single-purpose scripts, I guess?

Not so bad. I can often turn it into a general-purpose script at one point, and put it onto github.

Sounds good, will try that approach. Thanks.