A hinting issue?

A customer experiences problems with a font used on various displays.
For example, the numbers do not have the same height and thickness.
I assume, that this issue is due to missing or wrong hint?? Please have a look:


Thanks for assistance :wink: BTW: I have now checked the fontfile very quickly. Some glyphs/digits have hints, others have wrong hint-info, and so.

Is this an autohinted font?

Are alignment zones set up in the Glyphs file?

What outline format (TrueType or CFF)?
Path directions? Wrong stem settings (to many, not compatible)?

The outline is TT. I’m investigating the font-info right now … Thanks guys!

In ‘Font-Info’, I have now entered various value and have noted, that the numbers in the font are somewhat lower in the design than Caps and Ascender. I have in ‘Alignment Zones’ given the numbers the values: 651-13. Is this OK? Or should other parameters also be adjusted to accommodate the numbers? And what about the ‘Custom Parameter’ settings?Thanks!

ttfAutohint does not care much about the PS alignment zones. That depends on your ttfAutohint settings and control instructions. (I started a tutorial about control instructions, hoping to finish it some time soon.) There is more info on the ttfautohint homepage.

OK, ttfhints seems very complex, so I will try with the ttfAutohint-settings only. Is these settings correct?

I would use strong stems for grayscale and DW. That can cause your problem.

Thanks! A strange issue occur: When I return to this dialog-window in Glyphs, my previous entries are gone? The figures are gray and I can’t choose DW Cleartype? Please have a look here:

What version do you have? I fixed something about that dialog recently.

Version 2.5.2 (1146)

I fixed it. Will be in version 1148.

Thanx :wink: