A shorter acutecomb and circumflexcomb for l with acute and h with circumflex

Hi Guys,
I have a diacritic issue with the “lacute” and hcircumflex. The top points of both diacritics are a bit too tall that they slightly overlap the lowest point of the g from the line above (as shown in the picture below). I’m also trying to keep the vertical height of the overall glyphs (from the lowest point to the highest point) to be within 1,200 so that it works with the InDesign auto leading which is normally at 1.2x (for a 1000 units/Em typeface).

As of now, the top of the two diacritics about 10 units too tall. I need to replace the acutecomb and circumflexcomb with a slightly shorter version. So, I’m wondering what would be the proper way to name these diacritics. Should I create an acutecomb.alt, acutecomb.narrow, or acutecomb.somethingelse? And the other for the circumflexcomb.


I’m open to suggestions. Please let me know when you have a moment.

Thank you in advance for any help.

You can make a shorter l.topAccent which will be preferred for lacute, and combine it with the uppercase accent:

In InDesign, however, it is the user who sets the linespacing. The font cannot prevent the user from messing things up. Different languages will require different linespacings.

Thank you so much, mekkablue. I appreciate your help!