A string of marks

I have the basiscs of making marks. Still struggling with making nonspacing marks that are ligatures, getting them to use markers. But in the meantime… is there a way we can write a series of markers? For example, making a set of small letters, say a whole alphabet, and then being able to trigger them to write above the normal text?

For example, if I write:

Today is Monday

And I want to insert a marker after ‘M’ and write ‘elephant’ so that the word ‘elephant’ appears in small writing above Monday… I’d type… not sure how to do it but basically in my mind it is:

Today is M(start ‘mark’ text)elephant(end 'mark text)onday

I don’t know if this is best done using the principle of nonspacing markers, or some other method. I also don’t know if there is a way we can assign a keystroke or series of keystrokes to start and end the marker stuff. I would love to learn how we can do this task.


For more conceptual questions, you might have more luck on typedrawers.com

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