A suggestion and complain

one suggestion:

  • In glyphinfo window, it would have been nice if a user was able to generate glyphs by selecting them in that window because language sidebar doesn’t contain all the glyph names required for a language. for example arabic requires four glyphs per character (init, medi, fina, isol) most of the time, but these glyph names doesn’t exist in that sidebar.


  • I can’t type Persian (subcategory of arabic) when I want to test the font or when I want to adjust the kerning. Latin works.

Maybe more comments are on the way but that’s it for now.

Thanks for sharing the application,



The support for Arabic will improve in the near future. This includes the init, medi and fina forms in the sidebar.

I just tested it and it did work. It might be that glyphs did not understand the glyph names of the font you opened. Can you send me the file with email that I can have a look at it.

Georg Seifert