Ability to copy past image from glyph to glyph

I don’t know if I’m missing something obvious or if it’s a missing feature but I’ve never been able to copy/past image elements from within Glyphs (both 2 and 3) from a glyph to another glyph.

That would be great.

  1. Copy glyph (Cmd-C)
  2. Select target glyphs
  3. Edit > Paste Special (Cmd-Opt-V)
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That should work. Select the image in edit view, copy. Open the other glyph and paste. What step is not working for you?

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Thanks both for answering. Strangely it works now, I don’t know why it didn’t before. I’ll let you know if I encounter the problem again.

On thing that is not working in Glyphs 3 though is the slanting of images

It works in Glyphs 2.

Thanks again

Why would you like to slant images?

I sometimes draw sketches that are not consistently slanted. It was great to be able to adjust them directly in Glyphs 2 to then use them as a ground reference to draw vectors (particularily usefull when drawing slanted/italic shapes).

I fixed it.

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Follow up on the copy past thingy (if someone ever wondered as I did):
The copy/paste of images only works once the file as been saved once (after the first copy).

To be totally clear if an image is pasted in a glyph and then the pastebin is replaced by something else (a vector, or another image), the image, if copied again, can’t be past unless the glyph file has been saved first. Good to know.

And a last thing:
When pasting an image to the background layer, the image is visible but don’t get saved, even after saving the .glyphs file (it is not in the Images folder).
When closing and reopening the file, the image is gone.

I’ll have a look.