About CharacterAttributes.AlternateGlyphs


I have a question about Illustrator script " CharacterAttributes.AlternateGlyphs".

There is an Illustrator sample file containing 3 Japanese Kanji.

1st : Glyphs form set to default
2nd: Glyphs form set to Expert
3rd: Glyphs form set to JIS90 Forms

Font is Kozuka Mincho Pro

I want to know which alternate glyph applied to the 3 Japanese Kanji.
So I use " IllTxtFrame.Characters.Item(i).CharacterAttributes.AlternateGlyphs " to get the alternate glyph.
But the result show me that the alternate glyphs applied to the 3 Japanese Kanji are default forms.

I can not understand why they are same. Is my way wrong?
Please give me some advices to get the alternate glyph applied to character.

Best regards.

Are you sure you asking this in the right forum? You will get better answers in the Adobe Illustrator forum. This is about Glyphs, the font design app.