About diacritics

Hi, I’m having some problems with the tilde, acute and dieresis, they are not combining, I can’t set or reset anchors although the letters have their anchors.

You probably need to use the comb versions of the glyphs, e.g., acutecomb. Those have anchors defined. Some info is in the Diacritics tutorial.

I’m using them and I can’t set anchors

How do you set the anchors? Can you show a screenshot of the edit view that also shows the info box?

Please specify:

  • the Glyphs App version
  • the file type (.glyphs, .ufo, etc.)
  • which glyphs exactly are affected (the actual glyph names)
  • whether you are using custom glyph data (never mind if you don’t know what that means)

Glyphs 3
acute.comb, tilde.comb and dieresis.comb with their combinations.

I believe it’s the custom glyph data the one I’m using.

This one was another I made before the one that with problems

Remove the period: dieresiscomb


That was the problem, thanks! (my head is in a bag of shame)