About importing characters into glyphs

Hello, the current version is G2. I have a large number of Chinese characters in AI software. Is there any way to import Chinese characters into glyphs in batches instead of copying them one by one? That’s very slow. If so, please give specific instructions on how to operate them. Thank you,because there is no relevant operation method found

That depends on how the drawings are organized in Illustrator.
The easiest would be if you can save each drawing in a .pdf or .eps with the file name being the glyph name.
Or it might be possible to write a script that automates this. But to do that, there need to be a way to clearly associate the drawings with a Unicode or glyph name.

Sorry, I don’t particularly understand. My AI file is like this. There are 600 Chinese characters in it, and 600 drawing boards are drawn. Each drawing board has one Chinese character. Should I save them separately according to the above method?


Can you send me that file? I’ll try to write a script that can help with the import.

And next time, maybe draw the letters in Glyphs directly.

I have hidden it that not everyone can download it.

OK, thanks. Just get it!! :grinning: