About interpolation

I used to make this stuff in FontLab, now I try in Glyphs.
In short: I have two masters, Light and ExtraBlack. I also have a weight and a width axis. Now I have created a Bold-version, but can’t see all characters in this weight? There are still only these two weights available:

How do I add the Bold-weight to this tab? Hereby, my other settings:

Please read the tutorials about how multiple master works in Glyphs.

The toolbar only shows the masters, “Bold” is an instance. You can preview the instance in the preview view in the bottom of the edit view (click the “eye” icon to activate it). Then you can select if you like to see the active master, a specific instance or the current glyph from all instances.

Thanks! Well, I think I now have figured out how the weight-axis works, and yes, I have read the tutorials about multiple masters.
I must admit that I’m in doubt how to create Condensed-versions … I have created these 4 Masters, but what do I type into the fields: Weight, Width and Narrow??

Why do you added a Narrow axis. You don’t need that. Just use the Width axis. And put “20” for all condensed master and “100” for all normal. And the same weight for the two light And the two bold masters.

Thank you! I’ll try …