About Shortcut key


Hello, I am a Chinese font designer. I often use these operations now. If you can set these as shortcut keys, it will be more convenient and more convenient for the production of the Chinese font library.

Many of them are available in Glyphs > Preferences > Shortcuts. Which one are you missing?

The red box is what I need. Maybe they have shortcut keys, but I can’t find them

It seems that the free setting of shortcut keys can only be F1~F19. Can you set it as a combination of shift key and number?

Works for me. You just need to pick something that is not in use already.

Thank you, Hopes the software can be more convenient.

If possible, can you add these settings as soon as possible?

Those buttons have entries in Preferences > Shortcuts > Transformations.

Sorry, I saw only these operations, but not those operations

I found the shortcut key to remove the overlap. But the others were not found

You are right. The align and path operation shortcuts are missing. I’ll add them.

That’s great Thank you