Accented Ligatures


I’d like to know how to put diacritics into ligature glyphs.
For exemple I have a glyph E_T and I want [É_T; Ë_T; È_T…].
I tried to put anchors upon it, I can see the diacritics on the top in grey,
but it doesn’t work when I’m trying it!
Is that something to add in the opentype window or should I create
new glyphs for each diacritics ?


Ligature mark attachment works out of the box, all you need to do is place anchors with Cmd-U. Before you create a million ligature glyphs, maybe that makes more sense.

Precompose: Again, make sure you put all anchors in the ligature glyph E_T (cmd-U), you should see top_1 and top_2 etc. Then create Edieresis_T (cmd-shift-G), and delete the default components, add component (cmd-shift-C) E_T, add component dieresiscomb, make sure it sits on the right anchor.

In my GitHub repository, there is also a Diacritic Ligature Maker, but it creates a lot of ligatures, and I haven’t tested it recently.

Ok, but is there any way to generate all the combination more simply.

For exemple: I have an E_A glyph, should I create Eacute_A, Egrave_A, E_dieresis_A… and then E_Aacute, E_Agrave… and doing that for each ligature?
Or is there any way to do this differently ?


In my GitHub repository, there is a script called Diacritic Ligature Maker that does exactly that.

Indeed !
Perfect, thank you.