Accessibility request

I have very sensitive eyes and the stark contrast between black and white is extremely uncomfortable, so I like to change the canvas color to grey. However the shade I find most pleasant is apparently the exact same used for components in the edit view (aluminum in the pencil color selector, or 999999 hex). This makes them completely invisible unless they’re selected, which makes them turn darker. Could you please add an option to customize the color of components? Or possibly make them change dynamically depending on the canvas color (but that might be too complicated).

Good job for a reporter plug-in. I have some working code ready. Do you want to maintain it on your GitHub page?

EDIT: Just added Color Toner in Plugin Manager, it adds an item called Show Darkened Colors to the View menu. See its readme for changing the amount of darkening.

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Thank you so much!!! I know python but I don’t have a GitHub page. I’ll take a look at the plug-in manager tomorrow. Really appreciate it!

A side question. How do you handle the problem in apps like Finder? Maybe a dumb idea but couldn’t you just reduce the brightness of the display?

I just installed it and it seems to work perfectly! Thanks again. Rainer to the rescue :slight_smile:

@GeorgSeifert , I use dark mode for the finder, though it’s not as much of an issue just reading text in UIs etc. I feel more discomfort when designing type because I have to stare very intently at the shapes. You know those afterimage optical illusions? It’s like that except I seem to get them much more easily (and unintentionally). I do set the brightness of the display quite low, but if it’s too low I also get eye strain. I think it’s more about the contrast between the colors themselves.

In the app preferences, uncheck Always use Light Mode in the Edit View section for a dark Edit View appearance:

No, I do prefer the light appearance, I just don’t want it to be bright white. If anything that makes it worse, because then the glyphs are in white and I don’t think I can change that. Anyway, Rainer’s plugin already solved my issue, but thanks for the suggestion.

You can. Switch to the Dark tab of the colors settings and change the Foreground stroke color. Here is my setup: