Accessing external script

I want to use Noodler filter via scripting, but it doesn’t seem possible. Is there way to do so?

Pffff… let me see, I think it should be possible.

Meanwhile: It is open source and you can simply steal the code out of, so the script is not dependent on a third-party installation.

Actually, I’ve written one for myself inside the script. Good thing it was a simple job.

Accessing scripts is difficult. You could try to import it.
But filters can be used. The Noodler itself shows how to do it:

offsetCurveFilter = NSClassFromString("GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve")

I should have said external filter. I ended up reinventing Noodler in my script. So I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for but the problem is solved.

That works exactly the same with external filters. You just need the class name and the method names it supports.