Accessing to all of active layer's segments via for-loop in reporterPlugin

Maybe it is dummy question, but I stucked.
I just started to work with SDK and when I tried to use for-loop, like I used to in macro window (I want to acces all of the segments in active layer):

for path in layer.paths:
	for segment in path.segments:
		print segment

GlyphsApp even doesn’t show my plugin in “view” menu.

Thanks in advance for Ur help

Like this?

glyph = Layer.parent
for currLayer in glyph.layers.values():
	if currLayer.visible:
		print currLayer
		for path in currLayer.paths:
			for segment in path.segments:
				print segment

Then there is something wrong with your code. You should put a try/except around all code in each method like this:

	def someMethod(self):
			# some code
			import traceback

Thanks a lot again! Most of all thanks for your patient. I hope that my next questions will be more complex.