Add a filter to include/exclude empty glyphs?

would it be possible to create a filter (in the left column) to include/exclude empty glyphs? Could be useful when I want to display only glyphs already drawn (for instance to quick select all non-empty glyphs for word-o-mat)


Add a filter that does ‘hasComonents == NO and countOfPaths == 0’.

I see but I need the opposite. I need to see the non-empty glyphs. As filters are AND and not OR, I can’t achieve it.

When you create a new filter, hold down Option, and the plus button will turn into a popup button that gives you logic options.

Amazing!!! it works (but why making this feature secret?)

I agree, this powerful feature should be more obvious. And I doubt users, most of whom will be familiar with smart playlists or smart mailboxes, will be excessively confused by a little more interface complexity.

The filter editor is a UI control from Apple. It very difficult to adjust and I don’t have time to completely rebuild it.


It is documented in the handbook.