Add BCPs to a path

I need to add BCPs to a path. I found a @mekkablue script to retract BCPs of a shape. Is there something the other way around?


What do you need it for? The file size would increase quite a bit and you need to use the font quite big to see the difference.

Yeah I know, but at some parts I would like to have them to make an effect. I would like to select a zone and add the controls points just to selected ones…

And should it add the bcp on a straight line or try to make smooth curves?

After add them, I randomly move some of them

Look in my github gists. There is an Add BCPs or something like that.

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it works, but it apply to all straight nodes instead of just selected. Is it incompatible with newer glyphsapp version?

Feel free to adjust it to your needs. It’s open source.

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