Add glyphs from another font as components

Seems like it’s not possible, but can you share glyphs between 2 or more fonts? If not, would it be hard to implement that? I’m currently making a version of a typeface that I’d like to reuse shapes, but I’m still changing them also, so it would be really handy if they’d be components.

I do not really see the benefits. Seems very confusing and error-prone. What if the second font is missing, etc.? Is there any reason why you do not keep both in the same file?

However, you can write a plug-in or script that syncs glyphs between files.

Well, I guess if the second font is missing it would just show a missing base glyph like it does with components already?

It’s maybe not easy to see the benefits if you don’t really understand what I’m doing. But let’s say that I have a typeface that has few masters already, and I want to make a version of it that only changes few glyphs, but I want to be able to change the common glyphs on the fly as well. It’s not really handy to have it in the same file, that would be a masters mess.

A plug-in or script would be amazing. But when you say “you can…”, I’m pretty sure that does not mean that I can do it:)

Learn Python. It takes an afternoon and you can do specific customisations for your projects.

It’s been on the agenda, maybe now is the time then. Thanks for the replies!

This is on my list already but I didn’t figure it out, yet.

Hey Georg, any chance you have been looking into this? Or that you will be in the near future?

That will still take a while, if it comes at all.

If it is really just a few glyphs, I suggest keeping it in the same file with a special suffix and non-exporting, and working with the Replace Glyphs custom parameter.

You don’t need extra code for that, and furthermore, keeping the majority of the glyphs in sync between two independent files is much more of a mess, I am sure.