Add Masters With Extra Glyphs Into Existing .glyphs MM File

I have a .glyphs file with multiple masters, I have a .UFO with a larger character set, when I add the .UFO, the extra glyphs are not imported, how do I do this easily?

Through a convoluted process I managed to select the missing glyphs and copy+paste but when I
paste it in, it’s in the wrong master, i.e.

MM.glyphs file:

Added B.UFO as master

MM.glyphs file:

Then copy paste from B.UFO into B .glyphs (both even have same Master weight values) but it gets pasted into A.

Instead I had to re-order my MM.glyphs file to become, B–A--C–D, for it to work.

Are you aware of Edit > Compare Fonts?

What do you mean by that? Add it as an extra master in Font Info?

If you want to copy/paste specific layers rather than glyphs, try Edit > Paste Special (hold down the Option key).

No, fantastic!

Yes. Import a .UFO as a master in the Font Info.

Paste Special only has options for “Glyphs with the same name”, “Selected Glyphs”, neither works for pasting only glyphs that don’t already exist in a .glyphs file.

I mean then I copy/paste the missing glyphs from B.UFO into MM.glyphs while the B master is active. It still gets pasted into A because pasting only pastes into the first Master.

When I add a master with a larger character set than the active font, I should have the option to import or not import those extra glyphs.

If you paste glyphs with the same name, then unexisting glyphs will automatically be generated.

If you add it as a master in Font Info, then only the glyphs of the receiving font are considered.

Not quite. It pastes the whole glyph and tries to recreate the master structure. So that three masters in the source font go into the three masters in the receiving font. It becomes non-trivial, and I am afraid there probably are no really satisfying solutions for situations like yours, where you copy a glyph with x number of masters into a file with a different number of masters.

What you could do as a workaround is duplicate the master in the source file, so you have the same amount of masters in both files.

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This is the solution I go with when it’s complicated