Add Missing glyph help!

First of all—I think my purchase of the glyphs app is one of my best decisions! :slight_smile: great app!


LAZY SYMBOLS—after adding the custom parameter to each instance and exporting. I can’t preview the generated symbols in fontbook app—plus, the names of the glyphs are not the right one (like plus, minus, etc they are all named as glyph(#).


This is my first post here :slight_smile: Hello community!

I recommend to not use this parameter but to draw the missing glyphs that you actually need. The synthesized glyphs will always look out of place.


This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

You should use the Adobe Fonts folder instead:

Also, keep in mind that lazy symbol glyphs are incompatible with TrueType-based fonts, i.e., TTF and most webfont formats.

Thanks @mekkablue! I have redrawn the glyphs anyway :smile: Fixed the font cache problem… Thanks a lot!