Add Selection to Background bug

Hi guys, it looks that this function doesn’t works for few last updates…

Works for me. What are you selecting and what happens?

It works same as “Selection to Background” so replace all objects in background.

Just for sure in 2.5.2-1181 version it works fine.

Can you explain what you are doing. It works fine for me.

Fixed by today’s update. Tx.

Hello, since I updated to 2.6.5 (1342) the function "Add selection to background’ does not work anymore.

Works for me.

Mmh. I can’t see why this does not work anymore on my side. Any help?

Could you check in the latest beta 2.6.6 (1346). Both Paths > Selection to Background (Command-J) and Paths > Add Selection to Background (Option-Command-J) seemed to work in a simple test.

If it still doesn’t work, try to provide more detail about the steps to reproduce the issue.

I have the latest (cutting edge) version of 2.6.6 (1346). Difficult to say more, it just happens nothing when applying selection to background, I used it constantly before updating. Can’t see the other command starting with ‘Add’ in the Paths menu.

Perhaps redownload the app.

The Paths > Add Selection to Background menu shows up with the Option key held down. That will add the selection to the existing background. Without the Option key, it replaces the Background with the selection.

Doesn’t show up on my side. What is the best way to re-download the up?


On the Get Apps page.

Download the Trial?

Just did. Reset all preferences. Same problem!

And I still cannot reproduce the issue.

  • Which system version are you running?
  • Does it happen with a new file from scratch too?
  • are you using the keyboard shortcut or the menu command
  • reset the color settings to their defaults?
  • same issue without plug-ins? (Hold down option and shift during app start)

Problem fixed! Was in the file. Thanks.

What was it?