Add Telugu language to Glyphs Mini

Hello I am new to the Glyphs App. I’d like to add Telugu language to Glyphs Mini. If someone can help me with the process to set it up, I’d appreciate it. Thank you

Glyphs Mini doesn’t have full support of Opentype features needed for Indic script. You need to full version to do Telugu.

If you have purchased Glyphs Mini already, we refund it. And if you are from India, we can offer a discount.

I purchased Glyphs (full version). I don’t see Telugu as an option under Indic. The closest one is Kannada. Is there a plugin or a separate download for Telugu?

the entries in the sidebar are only convenience to add the glyphs. Glyphs does support Telugu. You can search for “telugu” in the Glyph Info window and add them to your font from there.
Maybe you can help adding the missing sidebar entry? I need to know what glyphs are needed? Halfforms, special variants?

Thank you for your reply. I am running Version 2.5.1 (1141) and it’s the full Glyph app. I searched for “telugu” from the Glyphs Help tab and I also searched for it after opening a New file and under i (Show Font Info). I couldn’t find anything related to Telugu. Under Languages --> Indic, I have the following languages: Bengali, Devanagiri, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Oriya, Malayalam and Tamil. I’d like to get the complete Telugu set of fonts. If you can kindly provide details on how to load them, I would appreciate it. Thank you

My apologies - I found the Telugu fonts under Glyph Info. Let me work on it and if I have any further questions I will get in touch with you again. Thank you

I just had a brief look at some Telugu fonts. They need quite a number of alternate and combinations.

I’m happy to help you in any way I can. So please stay in contact.