Add TT instruction by script

Hoi, can we add a TT instruction( hint) by script?
All the glyphs need a GSHint : v TTStem [LSB] > [RSB]
Tried dozen of approaches no results.

Also, we need a TT Hint Carrousel. Hear me out:
File A is fully TT hinted and file B is compatible but start points are sometimes at different location. Than copy all the hints will work but anchors could not be at correct points. The Carrousel just rotates the instructions to the next point until it is good…
(same thing Remove Overlap does with the start point when there is nothing to removeoverlap)
Or is this just in my mind an awesome idea? Happens often.


Does this help:

hint = GSHint()
hint.type = TTANCHOR 
hint.originNode = Layer.paths[0].nodes[2]
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