Added an intermediate master but moving nodes doesn't have affect

I finished my Light and Bold masters, generated instances, and then added from an instance a “Regular” master for the intermediate weights so I can tweak on some node placements and weights.

However, when I make changes to the Regular master, it does not show any change to any of the other interpolated glyphs in the other instances.

Brace layers work well, but I’d like wider control with a Regular master and to be able to use the RMX Scaler on all of the glyphs for a condensed version (my understanding is that the RMX tools don’t work on brace layers).

Wondering if any thoughts? I tried re-adding new instances and closing/reopening, but nothing yet.


Did you check the master coordinates?

Do you mean the axes coordinates for the master in the info box?.. yes, those do appear to be correct.

Can you tell us what they are? Or send us your glyphs file?

Sure, here’s some screenshots (perhaps I’m missing something?)…

That looks good.

Did you save, close and re-open the file?

Can you send a screenshot of an glyphs that you are trying to edit (include the layer panel). Or send us the file?

You’re right!

It was simply a matter of then saving, quitting, and reopening the file… it all works now. I think I was just closing glyph and preview windows, but didn’t save the file because it wasn’t showing the changes at first.

All is good.

Thank you Georg.

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