Adding a guide to a selection of points

Is there a reason why a guide can’t be added to a selection by shift-clicking on it (in the same way that an additional node can be)?

What would be the most efficient way of selecting all of the contours in a glyph plus one of the guides?

It looks like one can shift-click on the circle of the guideline to add it to the selection.

Most efficient method, right now, would be:

  1. Command-A to select all the nodes. (Press Command-A a second time if you want to include all of the anchors.)
  2. Shift-click on the circle of the guideline.

Ah thanks, clicking the circle was what I was missing.

It’s counterintuitive that you can click anywhere on a guide to select it, but you have to click in the circle to add the selection.

The problem is that accidental selections and and rotations would happen to often.

I can see that. I mistakenly select and rotate guides all the time. Actually I wouldn’t mind requiring an option-click to select a guide from anywhere except its handle.